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Kelly Grant

Kelly Grant

Star Director

My Story

Scentsy unites the family without question and brings zest, value and worthiness into your life!

The power of Scent evokes feelings and takes you right back to moments and memories that reward you in so many ways in life. And to share this and capture these precious moments means so much to me and a blessing that I am someones fragrant fairy godmother transporting them. It is such a rewarding experience.

A little about me... I am a fifo wife, Mum and have a crazy husky too so yes very busy household.. but always so very fun, a household full of love, giggles, music and dance! My youngest has many medical conditions which requires me to attend lots of hospital appointments and therapies meaning no other job would be suitable.

My family have loved playing a part in the family business for the last 10 years and we have nothing but fun spreading the scentsy love together, whether it be collating orders or playing with the packaging boxes making a castle out of it... a nice smelling castle!
It gives me more than just mum time too and works as the best distraction when life gets tricky.

I fell inlove with the concept of the safety and fall in love with coming home. That scent is comforting and completes your home. Bringing Scent Magic into peoples lives and being the best gift concierge warms my heart.

I work hours around my childrens activities, ensuring I miss nothing that they perform in or do for school. My family is the most important thing in the world to me and I intend to treasure and cherish everything I can, life is too short... Its the little things that matter!

I pride myself on my value and worthiness I bring to my Scentsy family and the ongoing support I would offer to all that wish to take the Scentsy journey and help spread the Scentsy love with me... Our Grant Your Wishes family bring a sense of belonging, love and fun!

Scentsy products are safe, as there is no flame, toxins, nor soot, so no fire hazard. They are safe around children and pets. There are 80 different scents to choose from. The wax is not burnt, but warmed by low wattage electricity and a warming plate, so you can actually put your finger in the wax, and not burn yourself.

I would like to bring your attention to the celebrity endorsement I have received regarding our products...
Kelly Grant has supplied us with the most amazing aroma making device. We derive great pleasure from it. Everyone that comes into our house comments what a pleasant scent and aroma the house has. If you were thinking of bringing some Scent Magic to your home, I would highly recommend contacting Kelly.
Mr Uri Geller(

These products make your home smell fantastic, and your office or business smell amazing, or as Uri Geller says bring some scent magic to your home!

Research has recently shown that 84% of customers are more likely to shop and do business where the premises smell nice and welcoming.

I Look forward to chatting with you with any way I can help bless your lives.

Love Kel. oxo

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