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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

Scentsy unites the family without question!   I would like to bring your attention to the celebrity endorsement I have received regarding our products...   "Kelly Grant - Scentsy Independent Consultant has supplied us with the most amazing aroma making device. It's called a Silvervine warmer. We derive great pleasure from it. Everyone that comes into our house comments what a pleasant scent and aroma the house has. If you we're thinking of bringing some Scent Magic to your home, I would highly recommend contacting Kelly. Mr Uri Geller"(   Now a little about me... I am a mother of 3 adorable (I am biased) young children, so yes very busy household.. but always so very fun, a household full of love, giggles, music and dance!   And a wife of a gorgeous husband who is the most supportive best friend anyone could ever wish for!   My whole family love playing a part in the business and we have nothing but fun spreading the scentsy love together, whether it be collating orders or playing with the box from UPS making a castle out of it... a nice smelling castle! Or my eldest daughter and I doing pamper events together so being our time or me doing parties and giving me adult time... its very versatile and very rewarding.   I fell inlove with the concept of the scentsy warmers the moment I understood what they were about. I adored candles but as many other parents, I do not light them with my children and again like many other people they are just collecting dust!   My WHY as to why I am doing this is because I wanted to go back to work somehow but it was never going to be easy with 3 young children until I was having a cuppa with my friend Claire who was researching joining here in the UK before it even launched and I agreed it was something "Special" and I had no doubt that it was for me, it felt right and boy I was right.  I work hours around my children’s activities, ensuring I miss nothing that they perform in or do for school. My family is the most important thing in the world to me and I intend to treasure and cherish everything I can, life is too short... It's the little things that matter! x   I pride myself on my commitment to my team and the ongoing support I would offer to all that wish to take the Scentsy journey and help spread the Scentsy love with me...   Scentsy products are safe, as there is no flame, toxins, nor soot, so no fire hazard. They are safe around children and pets. There are 80 different scents to choose from. The wax is not burnt, but warmed by low wattage electricity and a warming plate, so you can actually put your finger in the wax, and not burn yourself.   These products make your home smell fantastic, and your office or business smell amazing, or as Uri Geller says bring some scent magic to your home!"   Research has recently shown that 84% of customers are more likely to shop and do business where the premises smells nice and welcoming.    Are you looking for a new opportunity to earn some extra income to your household, to pay off bills, or save for a holiday, Christmas, wedding, whatever your personal reason Scentsy could be perfect for you. Even if you are retired and are looking for extra cash. You can make the business what you want it to be.   I love these products and am sure you would too, contact me for a chat.     <!--endbody-->